Affiliated Services


Aaron Lunde and his team of electricians have a combined 70+ years of experience providing electrical services throughout the state of North Dakota including the Bakken.

Chemical, Drilling Fluids, Hydraulic Fracturing

Services Offered In Bakken:

Drilling & Evaluation: Baroid(Drilling Fluids, Solids Control), Sperry Drilling (Directional Drilling), Drill Bits and Services

Completion and Production: Artificial Lift(Summit ESP), Multi-Chem(Production Chemicals and Services, Frac Chemicals(Can be debundled from frac), Production Solutions(Coil Tubing, Acidizing, Nitrogen), Cementing(Cement and Casing Equipment), Completion Tools, Production Enhancement(Frac), Wireline(Perforating, Logging))


Communcations & Rental Accomodations

EnerStar Solutions provides customized solutions for all industries. Equipment rentals and sales. They have everything for your worksite and can help you get it there; accommodations, matting, water, lighting, logistics, communications and more!


The mining, oil exploration, power, agriculture, and construction industries have all trusted Farstad Oil to deliver top-quality industrial lubricants to keep their operations running smoothly. We trust Mobil™ lubricants to deliver worry-free results so that you can focus on getting the job done.

Farstad Oil proudly carries Mobil™ industrial mineral and synthetic lubricating oils and greases. We choose Mobil™ lubricants because they offer unparalleled protection, long lubricant life, and proven system efficiency results across applications and industries. Its products are second to none when it comes to synthetics and the brand is trusted.

Mobil™ lubricants are designed by Mobil engineers who work closely with leading equipment builders to develop formulations that deliver long-lasting protection and balanced performance on real-world worksites in real-world conditions.


Trilogy LLC was established in 2016, founded by 3 partners with just a handful of employees. Our office is located in Minot, ND and we provide the Williston Basin with premium flowback, drillout and frac support.

Frac Water Heating

GD’s state-of-the-art units are exceptionally efficient in delivering highly effective frac fluid super heating services that make crude oil extraction more efficient, reducing completion time and greatly boosting your well production.

Tubing Pressure Testing & Scanalog

With over 35 years of Hydrostatic Experience, our group prides itself on innovation and documented efficiencies created through our differentiated value proposition. Hydrostatic LLC’s dual hose Hydrotesting units provide a higher quality testing infrastructure bundled with reduced time of execution and documented positive financial impact to the customers we serve.

Containments & Restraints

CCS knows by preventing spills before they become a clean-up, not only are containments protecting the environment, but they are saving clients time and money so they can be more efficient in their operations. Through their extensive experience and product knowledge, CCS emphasizes customer service above all which has been the foundation of the company from the very beginning.

Work Over Rig

SPN Well Services provides a complementary suite of completion and production services; including well service rigs, electric line, thru tubing, remedial pumping and rentals. Offering both individual and packaged services, we support multiple phases of your well’s lifecycle while helping you reduce costs and enhance production. We also offer local leadership, basin-level experience and innovative application of technologies.


Water Transfer

The Select Water Transfer service line specializes in high-volume, high-rate water transfer services through automated equipment and a variety of mobile piping systems including, environmentally safe, no-leak pipe systems, like lay flat hose, to support hydraulic fracturing. Water transfer services also offer a cost-effective alternative to trucking, which tangles up more resources, takes longer and damages roadways.


Whether you are building a compressor station, tank battery, pump station, processing plant or the pipeline in or out of your facility, Performance Energy has the experience and expertise to provide you with a high quality safely constructed project.