Diesel Delivery and Lubrication

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Creek Oilfield Services, LLC

100% Native American Owned Company
TERO Certified Indian Contractor Tier 1 Status

Creek Oilfield Services – Diesel, LLC is a progressive Tier 1, Native American owned and operated company on the western edge of the Mandan, Hidatsa, Arikara Nation (Fort Berthold Reservation) serving the Bakken Oil formation in western North Dakota since January 2013.

Creek Oilfield Services is committed to safety and providing dependable and professional delivery of diesel fuel to well sites for generators, drilling rigs, and large commercial fleets fueling according to the needs of today’s industry. We can meet the needs for all seasons with #1 to #2 dyed and undyed diesel blends.

Our units are available 24/7.

Creek Oilfield Services offers bulk storage tanks to end users. Tank sizes are available from 500 – 20,000 gallon, which will be set to meet environmental requirements (double wall and containment). We also deliver lubricants in bulk quantities to end users. Lubricant bulk storage tanks are available in size from 125 – 550 gallons with reels, pump, hose and stands. This lube equipment maximizes valuable floor space by stacking vertically; no rust or material contaminants; no hassle gravity feed dispensing and eliminates dealing with messy oil drums.

Creek Oilfield Services – Diesel has a strong safety culture. Safety is woven into every hour of our work day. Our team is staffed with safety personnel that conducts weekly and daily tail gate meetings. In 2020, we implented a paperless safety documentation program called Site Docs. With the implementation of this program, our personnel now has their Safety Manual and policies at their fingertips at any given moment through an application on their phone. Our policies state each employee has “Stop Work Authority”. Creek Oilfield Services supplies each driver with PPE and safety training second to none in the Bakken.

Creek Oilfield Services Diesel division is located at 2190 HWY 22 in Mandaree, North Dakota. Our state of the art Diesel Bulk Plant is strategically located in the heart of the Bakken with the objective to deliver prompt and quality service.

Fuel Automation System

Creek Oilfield Services offers fueling automated systems now for our operators and customers. By utilizing Fuel Automation Stations on locations and paired along with a reel truck, plus 24 hour monitoring by our staff, fuel delivery has created a new standard for safety & fuel delivery efficiency.

Automation Units Parked in Yard – Mandaree, ND

Diesel Exhaust Fluid

Creek Services provides diesel exhaust fluid(DEF) to the Bakken by delivering in bulk quantities to keep pricing low. Delivery service includes price points for hundreds of gallons delivered to individual wells pads, or thousands of gallons delivered to centralized storage tanks or gas processing plants. Our bulk quantities are stored both at our bulk plant in Mandaree, ND.

Methanol and Lubricants

Our partnership with Parkland Fuel Corporation, Farstad Oil Inc, and Missouri Valley Petroleum has expanded our delivery service of Methanol and other lubricants on the FBIR and Bakken.